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Members of my team and I had the pleasure to attend the recent launch event for the Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO).  The ESIO’s mandate is defined by their mission statement:  The Edmonton Screen Industries Office (ESIO) will act as a catalyst, a cultivator, a stimulator for the screen media industries in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.  This includes organizations like Nordic Media which focuses on video production, marketing, and digital content.

I firmly believe key people make a different in any organization.  Josh Miller is one of those key people.  He is a veteran in the Edmonton film & creative industries, is the CEO of the ESIO and very much a catalyst of what is to come.  He is passionate about our city and knows our potential.  I had the pleasure to meet with Josh on several occasions early in his tenure.  Like any good leader he canvassed the existing community, studied our history, and secured the stewardship of an excellent board of directors to forge a pathway forward.

Those of us in the screen industries (Film, Television, New Media, VR, & Gaming) understand the economic potential of this industry.  I personally, have had the pleasure to work 10 years, full time, in my company doing what I love everyday.  Most recently, we invested in commercial property in Edmonton and built a production studio.  Not only because our roots are here, but our future is here.

Those of us who call Edmonton home know all-too-well the many years of haphazard planning and irrelevant goal setting with prior organizations; we missed out on some key opportunities and for many us it was a frustrating time.  I have witnessed many friends and colleagues leave Edmonton to work in LA, Vancouver, and Toronto.  Losing key talent is irreplaceable.  Without this talent, we miss out on future leadership.  We miss out on a future industry.

This is the past.  It cannot be undone.  We must look forward.

We are truly lucky to have the ESIO and their leadership to direct us forward.  Their organization is putting a primary focus on the economic factors which will build up and unleash the incredible creative talent in our city.  By focusing on tangible commercial projects, we will grow the creative careers of tomorrow, which benefits us all.

I will continue to offer my full support.


Matthew Altheim

President & CEO
Nordic Media