Our Approach: Results-Based Marketing

Marketing campaigns are measured by their results: leads converting into sales; customer acquisition costs that are profitable and sustainable; and good return on investment for advertising spend.

At Nordic Media, we start with each and every client by determining the real and tangible results that will make their business succeed and then we proceed to build campaigns to achieve those results.

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We have built campaigns for established and emerging companies across Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, & beyond!

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At Nordic Media, we oversee every stage and scope of the project. From the initial creative concepts to the final production we have a grasp on every element needed to ensure success on campaign launch.  Here are just some of the marketing, creative, & advertising services we offer:

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Case Study: Lace Up

Our Approach

We choose to work with companies that see true value in the creative process: with the right strategy, planning, and research we will maximize the results of any campaign and reduce errors.  Here is a case study of building a company and a strategy from scratch.

Research & Testing

With a brand new product and no natural competitors in the market place, there is relatively no market data, research, or precedent to build a product launch upon.  We started testing the Lace Up product by introducing it to several focus groups.  Through the focus group we captured information during live testing and respondent data through surveys.

We went through several rounds of product prototypes, testing, and feedback.  By the end we had data from more than 600 respondents.  We knew the ideal price point.  We knew the most popular color.  We knew consumer motivations for buying the product.

Our team took this information and developed a full marketing strategy on how we would successfully market the product successfully.

Creating The Brand

Definitely the most challenging brand we have ever created.  It took over 300 sketches by our Lead Artist, several rounds of revisions, and a lot of coffee.  After the focus groups and the marketing plan we developed, we found the product had health, safety, and athletic benefits.  Our goal was to give the product a very athletic feel similar to the Nike swoosh or Adidas trademark.  We decided to recommend a very vibrant red for the brand as well; which demonstrates healthy vitality, energy, and dominance (think of the brand colors for both Good Life and World Health).

The Creative

Marketing, especially with commercial video advertisements, is predicated on making a big impact to a target demographic.  Humour, emotion, and/or information present in these videos are key to making a splash on digital spaces such as Facebook and Instagram.

We built several pieces of creative including: several videos; product photographs; scripts; website; and more.  Here are some examples of what we built.

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