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For 10 Years

We have built campaigns for established and emerging companies

By using results-based marketing and technology-driven systems, we have helped our clients grow their business.  Our team of marketing experts understand setting goals, expectations, and building a plan to achieve those goals.

We have been proud to work with business from across Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, the United States, and beyond to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Pro Results!

Quality Equipment + Safety-Focused + Incredible Actors + Creative Ideas + Professional Crew = Pro Results

Are you introducing your company’s brand to the world through a new video campaign.  Do it right!  And by doing it right, we don’t mean blow the bank on it.  Spend your budget on high-quality professionals with a proven track record of success taking captivating ideas and visualizing them through video.

Fact:Video Production Matters

A video on your homepage will double the chances to show up on page #1 of Google

Closed caption text from YouTube video is used by Google for SEO

Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined

The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video

74% of millennials find video influential when comparison shopping online


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Using Video To Leverage Your Business.

Many successful campaigns utilize video to attract and convert customers, turning leads into sales.  We deploy our client’s campaigns though popular websites and social media platforms.  By observing incoming data, adjustments can be made to improve conversion and market reach; this helps to ensure limited marketing budgets are used effectively, targeting more of the right type of customer.

These platforms are highly competitive.  Our team can develop marketing strategies along with video production to ensure advertisements and commercials are going to be compelling and noticeable.

Edmonton Video Production

Video Production

What We Can Do:

Lights, camera, action!  During video production we focus on creating captivating digital media products such as film, videos, and animations.  It is a big part of what we do at Nordic Media.  We can handle productions of any size such as website overview videos, impressive commercials, informative e-learning & training, and larger-scale films.  Our production services include:

E-Learning & Training Systems
Color Grading
Compositing & VFX
Production Design
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