Empowering Our Clients

Edmonton’s Media Experts

Total creative, production, and marketing services in one place.

Nordic Media is a full-service creative, marketing, and production agency focused on delivering exceptional digital media products with clear results.

Our production facilities are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, catering to a range of corporate, cinematic, and independent clients across Canada, the United States, and internationally.

We develop, produce and market a wide variety of products including corporate brands, commercial production, social media management, film & video production, e-learning & training videos.


The Creative phase is the development portion of every project. This is where ideas are formulated, scripts are written, storyboards drawn, logos designed, and the blueprint for video production is designed.  We offer the following creative services:

Concept Development
Graphic Design
Creative Writing
Production Budgeting
Brand Standards

Video Production

Lights, camera, action!  During Production we focus on creating captivating digital media products such as film, videos, and animations.  It is a big part of what we do at Nordic Media.  We can handle productions of any size such as website overview videos, impressive commercials, informative e-learning & training, and larger-scale films.  Our production services include:

E-Learning & Training Systems
Color Grading
Compositing & VFX
Production Design


At Nordic, we oversee the entire scope of every project.  From the initial concepts to the final production, we have a grasp on every element needed to ensure marketing success.  We serve our clients best through a strong Marketing plan to ensure the final media captivates and drives audiences towards their products and services.  Our marketing services include:

Marketing Health Check
Media Buying
Social Media Management
Public Relations
Market Research
Business Plan Writing
Digital Marketing
Media Relations