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Alberta Strong

Alberta Strong! The wildfires that affected our home province of Alberta and the citizens of Fort McMurray will never be forgotten. Nordic was proud to partner with Live Better Homes for this short documentary on hope and help.

Doing the right thing!
Thousands of shares, comments, and interactions
Over 100,000 viewers in Alberta
Crystal Glass TV Commercial

This is a cool project involving a Crystal Glass TV Spot for Sportsnet during NHL hockey games. This commercial used advanced compositing to motion track the actor and place a 3d astronaut costume on top of him.

Cool 3d, CGI, and visual effects
A nice and tight 15 second TV spot
Memorable, Funny, and Entertaining
Kids Up Front

Kids deserve to be kids! Nordic Media was proud to work with our charity partners at Kids Up Front and the Edmonton Eskimos! Donating a spare or unused ticket goes a long way in the life of a child.

Making a difference rocks!
Over 115,000 viewers interacted with the video
Partnership with the Edmonton Eskimos
United Cycle

Edmonton is the #HomeofHockey. An idea brought to us by our friends over at United Cycle. They have been serving the Edmonton area for almost 90 years and were as excited as we were with the upcoming draft of Connor McDavid to the Edmonton Oilers.

Bold and powerful message
Over 94,000 viewers mainly within the targeted area
Engaged with nearly 1/5 of Edmonton’s social media
Front Yards In Bloom Marketing Campaign

The City of Edmonton puts on the Front Yards in Bloom campaign every year. We were proud to partner with them for several campaigns encouraging active participation to beautify our city every year!

2016 World Champions
Huge community awareness
Advertised on the big screen at local cinemas
HYHO Banner

A new web, iPhone, and Android app called HYHO is underway. Nordic consulted on the development and marketing of the app, including several focus groups, and production of several early commercials for test audiences.

Original creative, including “Luck the Friendly Dwarf”
Drafted and ran focus groups for technical & creative feedback
Reached thousands of local users in Edmonton during beta testing