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For 10 Years

We have built campaigns for established and emerging companies

By using results-based marketing and technology-driven systems, we have helped our clients grow their business.  Our team of marketing experts understand setting goals, expectations, and building a plan to achieve those goals.

We have been proud to work with business from across Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta, the United States, and beyond to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Pro Level

Keeping up to date on technology, analytics, and platform advertising is important to us. We were amongst the first invited marketing agencies to join the Facebook Pro service in Canada.  Here are just some of our advertising platform partners:

Facebook Advertising
You Tube Advertising
Google SEO & Adwords Advertising
Instagram Advertising
Twitter Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising


What We Can Do:

At Nordic Media, we oversee every stage and scope of the project. From the initial concepts to the final production, we have a grasp on every element needed to ensure marketing success.  Here are just some of the marketing & advertising services we offer:

Data & Analytics
Development & Research
Strategy & Communication
Media Buying
Social Media Advertising
Campaign Management
Digital Marketing
Reporting & Health Check


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Our Approach: Results-Based Marketing

Marketing campaigns are measured by their results: leads converting into sales; customer acquisition costs that are profitable and sustainable; good return on investment for advertising spend; etc. At Nordic Media, we start with each and every client by determining the real and tangible results that will make their business succeed and build campaigns based upon what it will take to achieve those results.

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