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Our Mission As A Creative Agency

Our goal as a creative agency here in Edmonton, is to help our clients stand out from its competitors. Marketing is all about strategy, and during our brand planning and strategy session, the biggest question is “what is the competitive advantage”? By asking ourselves this, we determine the strengths of the company and how the product or service benefits the client. After doing a competitor analysis, brand discovery, and marketing guide, we soon discovered how necessary and essential Alpha Protects is in the market place. In order to differentiate Alpha Protects from other surface protection suppliers, we knew we had to create a cutting edge brand and a leader in the industry. We highlighted Alpha’s superior strength products, deep knowledge about worksite safety and competitive pricing. We branded Alpha as “The Leader of the Pack”, creating a distinctive market position that separated Alpha from other site protection suppliers.


As an Edmonton creative agency we created this new brand and logo

Brand and product catalogue designed and created by Edmonton Creative Agency

What We Provide As A Creative Agency

We are a creative agency that is determined to deliver great marketing results. Marketing is the language that you use to communicate with your audiences, and different projects require a different form of marketing. Alpha Protects was originally Alpha Industries, however with organizational restructuring came an opportunity for rebranding. When it came to branding, we knew there was  plenty of opportunity to play on the term “Alpha”. During our creative meeting, the first thing that came to mind “alpha” of a wolf pack. Being tough, well respected and an overall leader taking charge. When it came to colour selection, navy blue was top of our minds. Navy blue is associated with power, confidence, intellect and authority (beyond suitable for the alpha wolf). We then wanted to soften it with a contrasting and memorable colour. Yellow was decided on. As it increases awareness, caution and energy… which is mandatory for job site safety. Our vision was for the image to have a protective edginess, but not menacing. After a couple drafts and a few meticulous alterations and corrections, our artist blew our minds. The logo was absolutely brilliant and our client was thrilled.

Promotional Materials Completed By A Local Creative Agency

After nailing down the logo and branding, we provided our client with various promotional materials. As with every client, we provided Alpha with the new brand standards document, that included everything from colour shades, font and the logo. We designed and ordered business cards and redesigned Alpha’s new product catalogue. As a surface protection supplier, they have an enormous inventory and various products. Our team created a gorgeous website and implemented WooCommerce for online transactions and convenient shipping. Unlike many other surface protection sites, it is user friendly, clean and easy to navigate. Product photos were recycled, and carefully selected for maximum sales.

The site was officially launched at the beginning of this month, as well as Alpha’s social media pages. It’s an exciting moment when we see, a stream of followers roll in, as well as likes, comments and shares. It was a project that we thoroughly enjoyed working on, and take great pride in the branding and website. Check it out here!


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