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Nordic Media is a full-service creative, marketing, and video production agency focused on delivering exceptional digital media products with clear results.

Our production facilities are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, catering to a range of corporate, cinematic, and independent clients across Canada, the United States, and internationally.

We develop, produce and market a wide variety of products including corporate brands, commercial production, social media management, film & video production, e-learning & training videos.

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Social Media Marketing
Done Right!

There is no shortcut to gain followers, subscribers, and fans to your brand online.  A clear strategy along with heartfelt, original, and engaging media content will go a long way to ensure that your audience is listening and your campaigns are well positioned.

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Video Production Services

The Right People. The Right Gear.

It takes the very best researchers, writers, and creatives to channel the ideas and passion of our clients into a clear production & marketing blueprint.  Concept & storyboard artists need to draft pre-production images to match what is envisioned by the Director.  Producers must certify every single element will meet both client and budget expectations.  We utilize the best talent both in front of the camera and behind the lens.

Nordic Media operates with the most exceptional, cutting-edge equipment available and are constantly challenging ourselves to meet new technical challenges each and everyday.

The right people and equipment for the job, every time.

Nordic Media's C500 camera

Good Creative Ensures Strong Production

We are in the age of rapid media growth.  Each day viewers are being bombarded with more advertisements, messages, and content than they could possibly deal with.  Every brand wants to stand out and engage with their audience; some brands do it right and some do it wrong.  So how do you ensure cost effective spending on your marketing products?

It’s simple.  You need a great plan!  Creating a modest video, putting it on social media, and tossing in an advertising budget likely won’t garner the results you hoped for.

Well before we press the record button, Nordic Media focuses our attentions on drafting up the ideal creative strategy ensuring your targeted demographic will be impacted by the media we produce.

Do it right.  We will help.

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